3 Essentials For Your Wardrobe

The wardrobe is an essential part of everyone’s life, especially women’s. It can be really hard to choose outfits or make an outfit with numerous options available. However, there are days when we do not want to look fashionista or spend too much time on what to wear, and we start looking for effortless outfits. There should be always basic clothing options available in your wardrobe for your lazy yet important days. Therefore, make sure to get these 3 essential clothes for your wardrobe on your next shopping.

1. Black plain T-shirt

Just get your hands on solid-color plain t-shirts without any second thought. These tops are the soul of your wardrobe, make sure to get one black T-shirt at least. There are uncountable numerous ways to style them, and they are perfect for any event to any mood. It can be styled with plain jeans and white sneakers for your college lecture. It could be worn under your formal suit for office meetings, also can be paired with a long embroidered skirt with oxidized jewelry for your ethnic events, and whatnot!!?

2. White shirt

The first outfit that comes to your mind after hearing Office is always a white shirt with black pants or a straight skirt. However, we never knew its potential, it can be used in several ways. White shirts can go with any of your lower, shorts, skirts, pants, pajamas, or even with a saree as well. Can you believe it? No, right! But yes, a white shirt can also work as a Saree blouse to give an Indo-Western look. Just wear a white shirt with a printed blue cotton saree, With a heavy choker and you are ready to rock any event.

A white shirt can make your favorite winter outfit as well. Grab your comfiest sleeveless cardigan from your wardrobe and wear it over your full sleeves white shirt, with pair of baggy jeans, and style with your favorite sneakers, and voila! You are done to increase the temperature in cold weather as well.

3. Blue jeans

There must be no need to share or mention anything about blue jeans and their importance in your life. We all must have our own blue jeans once in a lifetime or continue to own them for our whole life. You can never be wrong with blue jeans, they can actually be styled in any way, with every upper wear, you name it and you can have it. It can be styled with anything. For example, solid color tops, tank tops, long or short kurti, shirts, crochet blouses, cardigans, blazers, or anything. Pair of blue jeans are your best friend who never ever leaves your wardrobe, nothing can replace them in any season.

Grab your favorite short kurti from your wardrobe, and wear it with your baggy or straight-fit blue jeans, carry your tote bag, and little jhumkas or your favorite pair of small earing and you are ready in your main character attire.

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