best indoor plants i.e. snake plant, Jade Plant, ZZ plant

3 best indoor plants for your home

Plants are best source of positive vibrations but indoor plants not only just add greenery to your house but also has numerous benefits. They are perfect stars for corner, study table, shelves, cup board and what not? Being surrounded with plants, consequently keeps you happier, reduces stress, help prevents from allergies, maintains your blood pressure as well helps you to stay focused since the plants can absorb background noise as well. Having indoor plants at your living area works better than air purifier, as plants reduce carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen. However, the stumbling block is picking out them for your house. Here we have shortlisted 5 best indoor plants for your house.

1. Snake Plant

Also know as Dracaena trifasciata, is most comforting and easy to care indoor plant. They are most common indoor plants because of its eye pleasing pattern.

Benefits- They are one of the best air purifier plant as recommended by NASA. Low maintenance yet known as symbol of good virtues.

Care- The care of snake plant is effortless. Keep them in direct sunlight and keep watering them once in a while, make sure to water them least in winters and that’s it, they can take care of you and themselves on their own.

2. Jade Plant

Dark in color, this plant has small oval shape leaves and thick woody steam. Originally know as Crassula ovata, this plant can grow up to 3 to 6 feet tall, with slow pace. Because of its nature this plant also known as Money plant. They are toxic to cats and dogs.

Benefits- Help deal with diseases as diarrhea and indigestion. Used to cure nausea and corn in South Africa. Brings prosperity, best housewarming gifts. Cutest indoor plants.

Care- They blooms best in spring. Keep in direct sunlight, but protect from harsh sunlight. For them south facing window is ideal. They should be water often so that their soil can stay moist, but not wet always.

3. ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia known as ZZ plant, have shiny, oval, little shoot upwards leaves. They are faster growing indoor plant. These plants often seems to be artificial due to their dark shiny, waxy leaves. They remain small in size, between 2-4 feet tall.

Benefits- They are among top plants for clean air as they removes Toluene and Xylene from indoor atmosphere.

Care- They are also low maintenance indoor plants. They prefer indirect bright sunlight, with twice a week water dose. If the leaves are turning into yellowish then give more water than usual.

These three are best yet low maintenance indoor plants, with many different properties. They are best for any corner of your house, or any room with eye pleasing look. Be thoughtfulness before getting any plant and do research about their properties, nature and everything for your and their concern.


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